A Reminder to Women & Mothers to Live Their Dreams and God Giftedness

I am posting this video because it is important. It is important to hear as women, Christian women, and mothers. Shauna Niequist, the amazing author of “Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table,” gives an incredible Q Ideas Talk called “What I Learned from My Mother.” It is an incredible reminder to women, especially mothers (& young moms), to not table their dreams because of the logistics and practical concerns of taking care of kids and the home. She stresses the correlation between women living their dreams and happiness. Although we know that motherhood is a calling from God, God also gives women a voice and dream.

She recalls her mother saying, “they (her children) didn’t get to see, up close and personal, a woman fully alive in God.” She challenges us, as mothers and women, to not give up our dreams and passions for others — their unique gifting from God.

I encourage you to watch this video – and if necessary, rediscover your dreams, passions, and God-giftedness. Thank you Shauna for the reminder.

Wishing you hope, joy, peace, and dreams,