{Rooted} “Restless” Study – Chapters 15, 16, & 17: Threads of People, Passions & The Tailor


Hello Rooted Ladies,

We are continuing our “Restless” by Jennie Allen study. This week my co-leader, Karina Allen, has created the discussion questions for chapters 15, 16, and 17. Here we go!

Chapter 15: Threads of People

I love this chapter! I love people! I love community! I don’t love community because it’s easy or looks like I want it to. I love it because God created it and He created me for it. I have experienced both good community and bad community. Good community takes intentionality just like Allen wrote about. It doesn’t just happen as much as we wish it did.

Let’s answer the two questions at the top of two of the sections.
1. Who do you need?
2. Who needs you?

Chapter 16:  Threads of Passions

Allen reminded me of something that I rarely think about…Passion as Suffering. The world never associates passion with suffering, only pleasure. I want to learn to live out of the true definition of passion.

“God often leads us to passions through suffering, experienced or perceived.” – Jennie Allen (page 145)

1. Describe a time of great suffering.
2. How has God used that time?

Chapter 17: The Tailor

Dependence is the name of this game. Sometimes I am really good at it and sometimes I am not. I’m sure that all of you can relate! This is one of my new fave quotes from Allen on page 153.“I want to need prayer and run to it with every discipline and desire.”

I desperately want prayer to be like breathing for me. I want it to be my first response. We need God and we need that intimate time in prayer in order to learn His voice, His character and His heart.

1. Do you struggle in your prayer life? Why or why not?

It is my hope that “Restless” is helping you figure out your threads and part in God’s divine plan.

Wishing you a week of discovery,

Hope (aka Brooke)


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